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This is a book about life and death, conflict and war, courage and faith, heaven and hell.

Gods purpose in having the book of Revelation written was because God wanted the servants of Jesus Christ to understand what is going to take place. He tells us when these things begin they will take place quickly. God so desires us to have this information that He promises to bless all those who will read and heed the book of Revelation.

This book foretells of an apostasy and how the restrainer of lawlessness is removed. How the city of Babylon rises to prominence. What transpires to bring about the demise of Hamas, Hesbollah, the Palestinian resistance and Israels takeover of Jordan. It tells about a prosperous Israel at peace until invaded by a coalition of countries. It reveals how the antichrist comes to power and how he influences the world. It tells us about two of Gods witnesses who are killed and then come back to life. It tells us how God will rescue the Jews from Satans plan to annihilate them. It tells us what will happen before and after the rapture.

This book has over 60 events in chronological order that must take place before Jesus institutes a new government and begins His reign as King of kings for a thousand years.

This is a book about Jesus Christ. In it He tells us what He likes and dislikes about the churches. He tells us about rewards He has for us and what must be overcome to insure we have eternal life. But most of the book deals with coming events that must take place before He returns.

Religione e spiritualità
27 febbraio
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