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This lady is touched in the head. Like deeply touched.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I love a good underdog story, and this Queen Nzingha fits the narrative, but how the hell does she expect to fight the Portuguese? They outnumber us, and they're teaming up with some d-bag king from the Congo who hates Nzingha for whatever reason.

My guess? Probably because she's a woman. That's usually how that goes.

And now Nzingha is recruiting me for her army. All because I had to drop one of her guards after he got too touchy. I'm not a soldier, but she's a queen and extremely stubborn.

Well, me too, lady, so game on. I'm not going to be someone's pawn, not when that green-haired witch could appear at any moment. I know she's not going to stop chasing me. No matter when I am.



First France, then somewhere in Africa. What a trip. Now, when can I go home?

Fantascienza e fantasy
24 febbraio
Natasha D. Lane

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