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This book delivers a comprehensive overview of units of measurement. Beginning with a historical look at metrology in Ancient India, the book explains fundamental concepts in metrology such as basic, derived and dimensionless quantities, and introduces the concept of quantity calculus. It discusses and critically examines various three and four-dimensional systems of units used both presently and in the past, while explaining why only four base units are needed for a system of measurement. It discusses the Metre Convention as well as the creation of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, and gives a detailed look at the evolution of the current SI base units of time, length, mass, electric current, temperature, intensity of illumination and substance.

This updated second edition is extended with timely new chapters discussing past efforts to redefine the SI base units as well as the most recent 2019 redefinitions based entirely on the speed of light and other fundamental physical constants. Additionally, it provides biographical presentations of many of the historical figures behind commonly used units of measurements, such as Newton, Joule and Ohm,   With its accessible and comprehensive treatment of the field, together with its unique presentation of the underlying history, this book is well suited to any student and researcher interested in the practical and historical aspects of the field of metrology.

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23 giugno
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