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Zoey and Dan Lang make up a seemingly happily-married young San Francisco couple who appear to have it all: youth, beauty, wealth, and a deep love for one another. But secretly, both are wrestling with huge problems they keep carefully hidden.

The two of them have spent all of their six month courtship and one year marriage lying to each other and to themselves about who they are and what they are really like

Dan is thirty-two, hard-driving, fit, athletic, and very successful. He also is also the possessor of an enormous sex drive and an unrealized desire to experience out-of-the-ordinary sex; things like unbridled oral and anal couplings, three-ways, and maybe even gang-bangs.

But he never has. He’s always picked the wrong girl to ask, or managed to miss the frat party back in college that degenerated into a wild, all-night orgy. He’s never really scratched that itch he’s always felt for sex and sensuality that goes beyond the norm.

When he meets Zoey, who is six years younger than him, stunningly beautiful, and seemingly one of the sweetest, most down to earth girls he has ever encountered, Dan falls head over heels for her. Once married, he vows to himself that he will somehow manage to sublimate all of those crazy fantasies of his and just enjoy being married to such a desirable, sweet young girl as his wife.

Zoey, on the other hand, has a past that might make a libertine blush. Having fled northward from a youthful first marriage in Los Angeles, she wants to get far away as possible from her ex-husband and the swinger lifestyle the two of them indulged in during the four years they were married.

When she meets and falls in love with Dan—so upright and “normal”, a true straight arrow of a man—she wants him more than anything. So she’s very careful never to let on about just how much sexual experience she’s had in her past when she’s with him in bed.

Caught in this lie of a marriage the two of them have crafted together, Dan is soon seeing a gorgeous young escort on the sly for the kind of wild, uninhibited sex he craves. And Zoey is left at home, mentally climbing the walls, wanting more than the sweet but unexciting, plain vanilla sex she and Dan share together, daydreaming about the swinger parties and anything-goes orgy rooms of her past.

Enter Taye Jackson and Timmy Barlow, two members of the swinger club Zoey belonged to in L.A., who have recently moved to San Francisco. Threatening to go to Dan and reveal to him what a slut he’s married to, Timmy and Taye blackmail Zoey into taking up her old lifestyle again with the two of them, behind Dan’s back.

Zoey does love her husband. Sneaking around, cheating on him, is killing her.

But is she brave enough to let slip the mask and show Dan what she’s really like? Can she bring herself to tell him about her past, thereby removing her blackmailer’s leverage over her, or will doing that signal the end her marriage?

To discover her solution, read Unmasking Zoey, an erotic tale featuring straightforward descriptions of sexual encounters and acts; a story which is definitely not for readers who find graphic depictions of lesbian, anal, and multi-partner sex offensive.

Fiction e letteratura
31 gennaio
C.K. Ralston

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