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*The Fleet must be stopped before everyone in the Sigma Sector disappears forever.*

Vincent Gomenzi leaves Earth when he is sixteen, knowing that he can never mindwalk again. The terrifying maw of the vortex waits for him if he tries to transfer out. As the first mindwalker, Fleet personnel 1, he was once the most destructive force in the Sigma Sector ...

Igen Dyce loses his fiancé to the Fleet. A baseball star on Lomensis, he forms the Lomensii branch of Recovery, an underground organisation formed to rescue those lost to the Fleet. When he meets the spectacular Sistia Scarpora, he hasn’t yet saved a single soul ...

The Angel of Deadly Enlightenment tries to escape from the Garden of Truth but is doomed to return in every new cast. When it finally works out what Truth is, the Fleet will be scarred for all eternity, the memory of their encounters setting in motion the downfall of the Sigma Sector ...

From the freelance operative to the machine city, Vincent’s jump in time leads him to Recovery. From the Garden of Truth to the Fleet installation, he learns the truth about what he has done. And from the vortex to the stone angel, he has to undo the past to save the future ...

The third novel in the Fleet Quintet, the three strands of V. GOMENZI cover the same time period as TRANSFERENCE and FLESH FOR SALE – reaching further into the future and far, far back into the past, almost to the beginning.

Fantascienza e fantasy
4 dicembre
Susannah J. Bell

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