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“Being Chosen does not mean one was chosen for something one will like.” - Fi-Lan

Bra-Non is Chosen. Or so says the newly crowned Leader of the Valderians. Interpreting his Divine Vision as approval to go ahead with his bold plans, To-Rin changes the missionists’ tasks. As Bra-Non is sent on missions, Fi-Lan joins the order, pressured by his father, but in the end, he runs away. Years later the Kuran tribes start to gather together, seemingly to invade the Valderian lands. Bra-Non is sent to find out who is leading them and on the way meets Fi-Lan, now on his way back home. Fi-Lan decides to join him and they speak with two wizards, Zha-Kro and Arikana, who know who leads the Kuras, the Demon Evriadon, The Warbringer. They also have a plan to defeat him using a powerful staff, which will need to be reassembled. But Fi-Lan does not fully trust them, as much as he might like Arikana. For the staff itself they need to perform a task for a spirit. So they travel to the islands of the water-serpent-like beings, the Sillnaks, where they will also be able to find the first of the three gems they will need. As it turns out, it is in the depths of the ocean, in the possession of a powerful and immortal sorceress. After that, they head deep into the Dwar’Doga Mountains for the second gem, only to learn that it has been stolen by the Froonts, the beings the Dwar’Das use for slave labour. Their leader believes himself to be a prophet and now leads an uprising. So they will have to venture into the mines if they wish to retrieve it. Meanwhile, despite the Valderian army’s best efforts, the Kuran armies are at the gates of the Valderian capital. But the last gem should be easy, simply steal it from an Alavaran noble’s home. But things are never easy. As a Demon once told Bra-Non, “When playing in the province of the Divine, only those Chosen can conquer and achieve Victory.” And he is not convinced he is Chosen.

Books in the Valderia series:
V00 Overture
V01M01 Chosen Missionist
V02M02 Heretical Missionist
V03M03 Hellbound Missionist

Fantascienza e fantasy
3 novembre
A. C. Karzun

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