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Jenna dared to open one eye, very cautiously. The two fighting wolves were almost close enough to touch. She wouldn’t have dared, even if she knew for certain which one was Drinan. She lay still. * * * * Slowly Jenna rolled her head in another direction. She saw a crowd of people-- no, vampires. Smith was still near Desdemona. They were watching the wolves, not intent on Jenna. She was too close to the action for comfort, though. * * * * Then her heart leaped. Coming down another corridor, she saw a light. She opened both eyes. * * * * It was Bill Sniffen, with torches, standing in the open hallway! * * * * Bless him, he had his glasses on, and he saw her open eyes. Jenna flicked her hand. Bill never hesitated. He pitched a torch to her. * * * * From a prone position, she made a leaping, running, jumping catch of a line drive. Jenna was on her feet, and moving. She headed straight for Benjamin Smith. - - - - - - - - Life goes on at Good Hope Hospital and Hanford & Bogie Publishing. Smith has become the official physician of The Vampire of Manhattan. Drinan recovers from the bomb blast, but grudgingly acquires a mentor in Brooklyn. Sniffen gallops off to Canada after a hot story. Rosa resists being packed off to Italy. Jenna wrangles authors, editors, publishers, and the health issues of her last remaining family member, Jimmy. * * * * Then Sniffen vanishes in Canada, and Jenna goes looking for him. During her travels, she meets a wise vampire hunter, a crafty Quebecois trapper and his wife, and a sophisticated manor lord. Will they help or hinder? And what will The Vampire of Manhattan do when Jenna also disappears? The jaunt to Canada promises to be a walk in the park. Central Park. After midnight. On a very bad night. * * * * Art imitates unlife as their worlds collide and, suddenly, explode. * * * * But who lit the fuse? * * * * Check out the Flying Chipmunk Publishing catalog at www.FlyingChipmunkPublishing.com, or Friend us on Facebook for our latest releases.

Fantascienza e fantasy
13 giugno
Linda Tiernan Kepner

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