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Verdi’s early opera, based on Byron’s drama The Two Foscari, provides a spectacular ‘romantic’ opera experience. It is set in the mid-1450s, when Francesco Foscari, the decrepit Doge of Venice, is caught up in a feud with a rival family, and must choose between the interests of his foolish son Jacopo and those of the State of which he is the official Head. But, being a citizen is more important than being a father. Jacopo, weak with the consequences of torture, is so disappointed with his sentence to be banished (yet not beheaded), that he dies. The Doge is asked to resign. Appropriately, he too falls dead… of grief.

Verdi and his librettist spiced up this gloomy, undramatic story, located above, in magnificent Venice; but below, against the horror of the torture chamber and a subsea dungeon haunted with ghosts.

The opera features Verdi’s experimentation with reminiscence themes ─ a specific musical label being associated with a particular person, thing or emotion, such as Jacopo’s forceful wife Lucrezia. Wagner developed this concept, but Verdi did not take it much further.

We can enjoy Verdi’s music, his virtuoso solos, the love music, and the big choruses with the soloists soaring above.

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