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In the collective unconscious, the waffle is associated with Belgium. Indeed, any traveler which will visit the flat country will enjoy a delicious waffle, Brussels or Liege, which you can buy as a snack on the streets. The differences between these two waffles are just a matter of form and holes. The Brussels waffle, the most common in the world, is larger and rectangular with 20 holes and the Liege waffle is small and round with 24 holes with small sugar nest lodged in the soft dough, crunches pleasantly in your mouth.

I will not start to tell you the full story when and how it was created but I can say that the closer ancestor to the waffle of today was made in France, very popular in the region of the North.

However, the waffles were still far from what we taste now. Indeed, they remained for a long savory for the poor, made of flour and water. They were sold on the streets or in front of churches on feast days. Still popular, they sometimes replaced bread. It was not until the eighteenth century that the wealthy people started consuming waffles as well. It was right the times when the waffles started to be made of the ingredients we are using now days. One of the biggest additions to the list of ingredients was sugar which came to replace honey since it was invented only in eighteenth century. And from that moment the recipes have been multiplied and many varieties of waffles we know today began to emerge.

Let’s not forget all the different fillings we can use to make some great and unusual waffles which will become a reason for your friends and family to envy you for a long time. So don’t hesitate and don’t wait too long to get started with this waffle cookbook!

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9 settembre
Martha Stephenson

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