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WAKE UP! Going through life can be tough these days especially with all this new technology allowing us to receive information at a fast pace. We all need a little help every now and then to open our eyes to possibilities. Not only from an informational stand point but also in a deeper level of understanding as to how things work for us. I wrote this book for the sole reason to help others to be alert and aware that they possess the power at hand to change theirs lives. I too struggled with this throughout my life, but I always look forward to the new beginnings that gave me faith and ambition to try. I can only wish for us all that you find the strength and the will to want something bad enough to get it no matter what. When you want something bad enough you focus intensely on it until you find a way (presented to you) to get it. If you treat everything in this manner, everyday life, relationships, circumstances, money, your job and thought process you will find yourself in a better place as if you planned it out. The beauty lies within us all, you just need the guidance to know how and become aware of it in order for it to work for you. Those who choose to make their own path are better off rather than being a victim of someone else's agenda. Removing all influences and being confident in your choices and decisions is what you have to live with, not others. So Wake Up and take control today.

Salute, mente e corpo
12 settembre
Michele Gibilisco