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A beam of light breaks through the window, landing on my face announcing the arrival of morning. As I rub my eyes clear of Mr. Sandman, I'm suddenly frozen like a deer in headlights. My brain quickly reminds me of what lays ahead of me as soon as I get out of bed.

Are you experiencing this? If so, you're not alone. Thousands of people of all ages are frighten to get out of bed. The reason is many. Bullies at school, problems at work, family matters or battling an illness to name a few. We feel if we stay in bed under the covers those monsters won't get us. This isn't a way to enjoy life. You must get out of bed and face the day.

Like a knight preparing to do battle against a dragon, you too need to shield yourself against the monsters that stalk you. Your friends and family are a great shield and support mechanism. However, they can't shield you 24 hours a day. Therefore, what can you do? The answer is simple. Find ways to build up your confidence and attitude. A positive attitude is a huge defender against those who bully us, harass us and so forth.

"Wake Up on The Right Side of The Bed" is a collection of inspirational short stories to motivate and condition your brain to think more positively. Reading a short story first thing in the morning will help create the armor needed to do battle. For ages 12-99

Salute, mente e corpo
25 giugno
Joe Tabeling

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