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Bryce Runge is a self-confessed “late-riser.” Bad choices, or the simple lack of decision making, left him “shipwrecked in a sea of regret” during his young adulthood. Bryce says, “I‘ve experienced pain and suffering because of careless choices. I‘ve been haunted by the past, pierced with grief and bound by shackles of fear.” This is the starting point for many great and triumphant journeys, and so it is with Bryce Runge, who uses his own transformation from being aimless to having passion and purpose in order to encourage his readers to WAKE UP!

In his first book, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Bryce has compiled 40 Devotionals which serve as a kind of road map for the journey of life. Just as Christ spent 40 days in preparation for the work He would do for us all, we can spend 40 days in devotion to God, and literally “Wake Up to Worship” when this book is read as part of a morning ritual. The preparation and attention to our “thought-life,” as Bryce calls it, can strengthen us to overcome ALL obstacles we may face and make a bigger difference than we ever imagined possible.

Where Bryce was asleep at the wheel in his youth, which cost him some important opportunities, such as playing in the NFL, he has discovered and profoundly articulates the joy, adventure and importance of life, as well as the sacredness of it. Bryce has been a popular and dynamic speaker and now his life experiences, good and bad, have become fascinating lessons which are uniquely presented in each devotional.

For example, Day 16 is titled, “Climb Out of the Basket” and begins with the story of visiting Washington D.C. followed by wandering Captain Jack’s open market at the District Warf. Walking through the fish market, Bryce stopped and exclaimed, “Holy crab! The crab basket theory is real!” Bryce stood there in amazement, watching a basket full of crabs with no escapees, as they did indeed pull each other back down in the effort to get out. Bryce goes on to use this analogy to show how we can overcome our own “crab mentality.”

In another devotional, Bryce teaches readers to “get your shoulders dirty!” While it may sound a bit offbeat, it is truly a powerful piece of advice. Bryce says, “servant leaders get their shoulders dirty by lifting others up and letting others stand tall on them.”

On Day 29, titled “Committed to Inconvenience” Bryce tells the story of a man who gave up an expensive ski trip to the Alps to come to the aid of a friend, which ultimately resulted in the rescue of 600 children during the Holocaust. Bryce teaches, “instead of allowing inconveniences to frustrate you, view them as opportunities in disguise that lead to blessing others.”

There are many thought-provoking questions at the end of each devotional which help to put the teachings into practice as each day’s devotional has a theme, a quote, critical thinking questions and a prayer which can be offered.

To learn more about Bryce Runge, his mantra to Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, and to order his book, visit www.BryceRunge.com

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11 luglio
Bryce Runge