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Keeping fit was not so important earlier, but now to perform well in life, you’ve got to be very fit. In modern times the activity is largely getting disappeared from work atmosphere both in office and at home. A change in lifestyle with built-in dynamic exercise like walking is essential for leading a healthy life. Walking is the easiest and most effective fitness programme that can fit into nearly any life. Exercise walking is a prescription for life to help maintain proper body proportions and appearance, weight loss, stress management and cardiovascular fitness.

Once you have walked through pages of this book, you will feel motivated to undertake walking as an exercise. Nothing is so infectious as inspiration. Walking can be best suited to one’s lifestyle, and hence chances of dropping out are much less as compared to different exercise regimens. By walking one not only adds years to life but brings life to years.

Experiences of many fitness seekers reported in Newspapers on Walking have been incorporated in this book, for which I am grateful to the authors and publishers. I have been able to reverse my heart ailment with regular exercise and proper diet. Readers too would benefit a lot on following the tips given in this book.

Salute, mente e corpo
26 marzo
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