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This book is a story about the
life of George Livieratos, whose success personified the American Dream. It is
a story of an adventurous life filled with endless involvements. As a young
child in Greece he becomes an orphan during World War II when both of his
parents were killed during a German bombing attack. Joining the merchant
marines George traveled around the world and enjoyed the experiences of many
cultures. At the age of 21 George immigrated to the United States. After 35
years of hard work and a lot of good times he reaches~ a financial plateau of
rich and fame. He had become the Chairman of one of the fastest growing penny
stock companies on Wall Street. In 1983 George became one of the first targets
of the United States Organized Crime Task Force. This action brought him and
his family into the lowest level of human despair, when ultimately led to the
death of his son and the destruction of his financial empire. The story is very
exciting, it tells how he made his deals and can help to mature students of
business overnight. His deal making shows a simple way to do business using
common sense and golden rules. George is a capitalist with a liberal heart. It
takes courage and power to face the forces of evil, to defy them, provoke them,
and ignore their ruthless power. The transcripts of his trials prove his
courage and statements. This book tells how he stood up for his principles of loyalty,
pride and self -respect. Sacrificing himself and
taking a fall. Discover how the resolve of this Greek immigrant's mind and soul
empowered him to defy incarceration and even death from his compelled
oppressors. In 1986 when he was incarcerated and refused bail, pending his
appeal, his morale remained as furious as ever. This story details how the U.S.
Justice Department prosecuted and convicted Mr. Livieratos and his
co-defendants. The story indicates that interpretation; politics and selective
application of the law can lead to the conviction of the best intentioned,
while protecting the potentially less desirable. His description of the Federal
Prison System is in such detail and simplicity that it can be used by inmates
as a Federal Prison manual. His characterization of governmental regulatory
agencies depicts them as large bureaucratic quagmires, which complicates and
destroys the interest of the victimized citizens. Although considered
outrageous by some, he provides opinions on how he thinks organized crime and
the mafia was a better alternative to the current drug infested street crime.
His human instincts will open the public's eyes and hearts for a better society
based on love and care for all humans. The author hopes this book will wake up
Americans to strive for equal justice for all, regardless of your social
status, color, or religion. The Authors main point is to expose his
characterization of the hypocrisy of government officials who don't care about
the people, but only the power they posses. His colorful sexual encounters and
lustful desires add some levity to an otherwise tragic Greek epic.

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