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Napoleon, a War Dolphin, revolts because of experimental abuse, his family is slaughtered, and man-made climate change. Navy Seal trainer, Dylan Smith is tasked to stop Napoleon and his two brothers before they take over the high seas.

Dylan Smith and Doc Ramsey are war dolphin, Navy Seal trainers who have been friends since childbirth is part of a secret Navy program. They train dolphins to destroy hard targets: Ships to subs, and any threat that is in the ocean.

Falling in love was never on Dylan's radar until he met Janet Jenkins, his Admirals daughter, and both have sustained years of broken relationships because of partial wounds sustained by each when they were young.

Doc is a bit jealous of Janet as he is Dylan's constant companion, party buddy, and all-around best friend. However, not much changes after Dylan and Janet marry because Doc is like a bad penny that seems to always show up as he is now both of their roommates.

Trouble brews with Napoleon:

After a successful mission in the Gulf of Oman that costs the lives of his wife and unborn child; watching humans destroy the ocean; and the terrible experiments performed on him by the trainers through drugs and abuse. This is what tips him and his two brothers: Zero and Crank to start a revolution on the high seas. Oh yeah! Also, the Navy's very own Q-Dr. Frankenstein scientists invent and puts into action, a voice monitor which gives Napoleon the ability to talk human!

The trigger that sets everything off is when Crash kills Doc during their last training mission before retirement, and the war dolphins escape into the open ocean. Here, the war dolphins begin to recruit and train pods of dolphins, whales, sharks, and later pods of Orcas to help them to win back the seas that humans are destroying

Dylan and his team along with Janet are all tasked by the admiral to stop Napoleon and his brothers before their tracking devices go dead after seventy-two hours, and if they fail, then they have been given the green light to destroy them with a thermal nuclear bomb.

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21 ottobre
Wally Wu

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