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Author and pastor, Dr. Billy Rash, reveals the tactics of a subtle and deadly attack the enemy uses against believers—self-deception. As the highest form of deception, it is clothed in an easily justified attitude summed up with the words, spiritual apathy. In Jude 11 the Bible calls it, The Way of Cain.

The causes and manifestations of self-deception are surprising as found in story of Cain and Able. Cain, the firstborn of Adam and Eve, murdered his brother Able—an accumulation of his own self-deception. Although murder may not be the result of current day spiritual apathy, it may end in missing God’s blessings, disappointment with God, and eventually spiritual death. Believers will learn to recognize and pray against self-deception in their life, family, church, and nation.

“Read this book! Check out every Scripture verse, then read it again and put every word into action. This is one of those “Wow, I never knew that!” books. Thank you, Billy Rash, for such a powerful tool for our faith and deliverance.” —Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas

“Billy’s new book is so timely for these tumultuous times. He shares often ignored—but powerful—truths about our walk with Christ and the deception and subtlety of the devil.” —Dr. Jerry Savelle, Jerry Savelle Ministries International, Crowley, Texas

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