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Christian Harper’s father was a killer. He was also the most loving father in the world. An adult now, with a son of his own, Christian recalls the murders his father committed. He can do this, too – he was there. He saw those murders taking place. Entwined in all this is Christian’s relationship back then with a girl in a wheelchair named Pretty. She becomes his world, his sanity in all the madness. They save each other. They mend the parts that are broken. But then an horrific turn of events, sparked by Christian’s father, changes everything. And Christian Harper’s life is left in ruins.

Both beautiful and shocking, We all Kill in the End is a story of death and of young love, set in the little community of Batten Beach, on the south coast of England. A place where the trees keep a secret, where the graveyard overlooks the sea, and where the sand drifts across the roads like gold dust.

And there is one road above all, a road that claims its victims, not just by accident, but by murder, too – Batten Twenty. A road that takes and never gives back. And Christian Harper’s father is at the centre of it all. But what Christian learns is that we all kill in the end. We have all taken someone’s heart and wrung the love out of it. We have all torn up their dreams. We have all crushed their hopes. We have all left someone behind we should have taken with us. And that...is murder, too.

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18 maggio
Martin Price

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