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The lights went out. Civilized life went with them. The only thing left to do was escape. So Dawson did exactly that. He wasn't unaccustomed to danger. He'd worked for a private government contractor before "retiring" and never thought those skills would be vital in his new life. But the world was no longer civil and he'd need those skills if he and those who depended on him were to survive.

“Come on!” Dawson said, “We gotta get out of here!”

Melania nodded and jumped off the commandant's dead body. They made their way out the window just as guards came into the room. One of Melania’s team members fired a few rounds at them and then the team took off down the alley. Going quietly or in the shadows wasn’t an option. The team had to fight both a running battle both from the front and the rear.

One of the team was hit and went down. Melania quickly looked at him, obviously thinking of not leaving him behind. He never moved once he was on the ground so the team made their way away from the barracks fighting all the way.

“Everyone go different directions!” Melania said once they’d gotten back to the alley junction they’d met in. “Take to the roofs if you can.” With that the team scattered. Dawson, not being familiar with the area felt abandoned. Bullets ricocheted off the buildings around him so he had to do something quick.

Dawson took off running down the alley toward Elm Street looking for any means to get to the roof. He found none. However his pursuers seemed to have fallen behind or had given up not knowing which way to go at the junction. Once he reached Elm he quickly darted across the street and then climbed up on to the small porch and into Melania’s room. She was changing out of her black outfit into her ‘working clothes’ which meant she removed everything.

“Quick! Get out of your clothes! All of them!” she ordered him in a quiet yet harsh voice.

“Huh?” Dawson asked in surprise.

“Get out of your clothes and put that rifle in the closet. Get that paint off your face! You’re in a whore house. If they search the place, naked people are what they expect to find! Do it!”

Dawson did as he was told all the while feeling completely ill at ease. He glanced out the window and saw guards swarming the streets in search of the commandos. Then checked the mirror to make sure the paint was completely off his face.

“They’ll be in here any minute!” she said urgently. “Fuck me!”

“What!?” Dawson said in disbelief.

“I said ‘fuck me!’ You’re in a damned whore house. That is what happens here. Fuck me or at least make it look like you are!”

There was a sound of angry voices downstairs and women were screaming in fear.

“Now!” Melania said. “Do it and make it look good!”

Dawson quickly got into bed with her and got between her legs. He’d barely gotten on top of her when the door burst open and two militia members stepped into the room.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!!!” Melania screamed in her perfect Southern accent. “FUCK ME HARDAH!! HARDAH!! OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!!” faking an orgasm and then as though suddenly realizing their ‘private moment’ had been intruded on she pushed Dawson off of her in wide eyed fear and started to scream in fear and surprise. It sounded genuine. She looked genuine.

The guards looked around without venturing further into the room and then turned and left.

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