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Lively and entertaining, "X is for Sexistence and Why Osho is Not a "SeX Guru" is another in the Osho's Alphabet Series by Osho Rose.

For decades, Enlightened Mystic Osho has been wrongly labeled as the “sex guru,” an easy headline moniker, overused by the media, too lazy to do their homework. Osho reveals the bigger picture of sexuality as the first rung of the ladder climbing towards love, compassion, and eventually, Divine consciousness. He discusses sex as the device that it is, showing us how to witness and empty the mind. This lively essay helps us understand that the human SEXPERIENCE is purely SEXISTENTIAL.
Enlightened Mystic Osho says,"…Never enforce any celibacy on yourself. Try to understand what sexuality is, go deep into it. It has a tremendous beauty of its own. It is one of the profoundest mysteries of life. Life comes out of it — it has to be a great mystery. Sex is not sin; repression is a sin. Sex is very natural, very spontaneous. You have not done anything to have it, it is inborn, it is part of your being. Don’t condemn it, don’t judge it, don’t fear it, don’t fight with it.”

Osho Rose writes: "Sexuality is a prime way we express YES to being alive and being human. It’s what made us and what runs us, yet everyone pretends, after centuries of shrouded secrets, that sex is something other than who we are. Go to any church or any bank, and you will see a seemingly asexual group. Where does SEX go when it is not present? Polyester suits and polite manners hide it so well. But who are we kidding? DOING IT or BEING IT, see where sexual energy leads in creativity, insight, and love."

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21 giugno
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