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     A Paranormal Story about a young couple. A young man will drive through the snow in winter with hope to see his Fiance. Instead, he will fall into a frozen lake. A wall of snow will fall from a mountainside. It will collide with his vehicle. He will be forced into the frozen water. He will land in between a rock and a hard place. He will remain in his vehicle until he drowns. A green scaly creature at the bottom of the lake lives there. It will wait for his eyes to close. Before it will crawl into the car through a broken window to rip him into bite-sized bites.

    He will communicate with his fiance from beyond the grave. He will talk to her from the bottom of the frozen waters. Meanwhile, he will guide her to his deathbed where he died. She will have Police search for his, whereabouts. They will look through a surrounding forest, lake, and abandoned home. His ghost will appear everywhere until she finally finds him. But before he leaves the living for good. A fight between the scaly creature and her dead fiance back from the grave takes place. There, he will wait until she is free from the creature's nibbles? I have very little left to share with you but my life and my death? He will protect her from a dark green-skinned scaly creature that loves to nibble on dead drowned and dying human meat. With the last life that the dark left him to protect his love interest. To see

 her smile one last time before his eyes close.

    A Dark Half Asian and American will rise from the dark named Villain. He will encounter demons in his path. They will come from a place known as a Warrior's Land. Dark fighters will wake from this ancient land to challenge him to a fight or to the death. Meanwhile, he will save a few underprivileged people along the way. Homeless family half-starved and barely alive walk into his life. 

    His father died earlier he lived in his Ancestor Era back in ancient times. He will return from the dark through a wall, floor, and in a vision, down a corridor to remind him that? 

Warriors never die. 

His spirit will live on forever!  

    A Country in Europe will suffer an attack from a Vagabond Ruler. He will fight against the King's Men for Land, Milk, and Money. They will take the Castle by force in Battle. But before it ends. The Castle will fight back in a way the enemy would never comprehend. Every Knight in Shining Silvery Armor will walk off a marble pedestal, an arch in a doorway down the hall, statues will wake in front and throughout the Castle, will hear the King's Plea and Prayer. The sound of metal and sword rises. To fight an army that the living armies failed? I guess the old saying only a ghost can stop a ghost lives on as well, here?  

    Ten Novellas at the moment. Each Dark Novella in size is anywhere from 25,000 to 46,000 words?      

Fantascienza e fantasy
10 luglio
Billy guaiardo

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