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'An important tool for researchers and decision-makers alike'
Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General, World Health Organization (WHO)

'An invaluable source for everyone who needs to be up-to-date on international efforts to solve global environmental challenges. Unique in its presentations of the interrelationship between treaties, IGO, NGOs and governments'
Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute (WRI)

The essential reference to all the rapidly multiplying international agreements on environment and development issues. This ninth annual edition of the Yearbook demonstrates the international community's position on specific environment and development problems, the main obstacles to effective international solutions, and how to overcome them. It assesses both the achievements and shortcomings of co-operation, distinguishing between the rhetoric and the reality of environment world politics.

? Current Issues and Key Themes
? Agreements on Environment and Development
Systematically listed key data and illustrations concerning the most important international agreements presented on the basis of information from the organizations in question and other sources, covering such matters as:
objectives ? scope ? time and place of establishment ? status of participation ? affiliated instruments and organizations ? major activities ? secretariat ? finance ? rules and standards ? monitoring and implementation ? decision-making bodies ? key publications ? Internet sources.
This edition includes the new International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture.
? Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), including UN specialized agencies
objectives ? type of organization ? membership ? date of establishment ? secretariat ? activities ? decision-making bodies ? finance ? key publications ? Internet sources.
? International Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)
? objectives ? type of organization ? membership ? date of establishment ? secretariat ? activities ? budget ? key publications ? Internet sources.

Originally published in 2002

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5 novembre
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