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“Why Weird Fiction? Why now? Simply, it was past time. The renewed interest in Weird Fiction is spurred by newer, exciting writers exploring new territories and by experienced writers in the speculative fields who are still pushing genre boundaries and conventions, breaking new ground, thus helping us define this mode of Weird Fiction. It could very well be the changing face of horror. What it is, undoubtedly, is something exciting. A mode that is changing and reenergizing the field for the better.”

Michael Kelly, Series Editor

“The mere idea of its existence is existentially terrifying, and fiction that dwells on this notion is, by definition, Horror fiction.

“Maybe the question isn’t what is Weird Fiction, but why? Why is this term growing in popularity as of late? If the term Horror is more appropriate, why not simply reclaim and rehabilitate it?”

Simon Strantzas, Guest Editor

No longer the purview of esoteric readers, weird fiction is enjoying wide popularity. Chiefly derived from early 20th-century pulp fiction, its remit includes ghost stories, the strange and macabre, the supernatural, fantasy, myth, philosophical ontology, ambiguity, and a healthy helping of the outre. At its best, weird fiction is an intersecting of themes and ideas that explore and subvert the Laws of Nature. It is not confined to one genre, but is the most diverse and welcoming of all genres.

 Showcasing the finest weird fiction from 2015, volume 3 of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction is our biggest and most ambitious volume to date.

Acclaimed editors Simon Strantzas and Michael Kelly bring their keen editorial sensibilities to the third volume of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction. The best weird stories of 2015 features work from Robert Aickman, Matthew M. Bartlett, Sadie Bruce, Nadia Bulkin, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Conn, Brian Evenson, L.S. Johnson, Rebecca Kuder, Tim Lebbon, Reggie Oliver, Lynda E. Rucker, Robert Shearman, Christopher Slatsky, D.P. Watt, Michael Wehunt, Marian Womack, Genevieve Valentine

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