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Cali is a very pretty twenty-year-old girl who stands at five feet and five inches tall with long flowing dark red hair. With her best friend, Windy Cool, they deal with something they could not expect—a mystery with no clues they work together helping the people of the Hawaiian island from the monsters they call the wicked. The wicked comes out at night with the yellow moon and attacks people who are alone that might be shopping or out on a jog. Cali instinctively comes to save the day, pounding on the wicked until they go running and screaming back to the newly formed volcanic island. However, she and Windy have no clues how to get ride of them altogether, but they soon find a cellar full of secrets left by Cali’s late mother at Cali’s Pond, the estate Cali inherited. Cali and Windy keep this a secret because who would believe them? As the two girls do this every night for a while, they take on a new friend Sammy, and form a group called the elite group of the three sisters. Together they piece together clues, only getting further away from what is happing as new mysteries emerge. The girls do have fun in all of this as it is the only thing that keeps them from going crazy. One night, Cali and Windy have a pool party at Cali’s Pond with their friends and find a baby Rottweiler and named her Chloe, whom they quickly form a bond with. This unfolding mystery holds all the clues for Cali and her future as there will be a question she will have to answer from something much more sinister and powerful than she could ever imagine that could change the world.

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7 agosto
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