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Balance Your Modern Yoga Practice And Develop A Strong Mind-Body Connection With Yin Yoga!

In this book you'll learn how practicing yin yoga can and should be the perfect fit to balance out your yang yoga practice.

You might be thinking…what the heck is yang yoga? Well, the answer is: pretty much all forms of popular yoga that have taken Western culture by storm. Think sweaty, flow-y ashtanga and vinyasa forms of yoga.

I realize that all this might seem a bit overwhelming, but I promise it's quite simple.

All things In Life Can Be Broken Down Into The Taoist Philosophy Of Yin And Yang...

Some examples would be male and female, the sun and the moon, and light and dark just to name a few common ones. They are two opposite forces that actually tend to complement one another.

Well, the same can be said for your yoga practice—this is why it's so important to have both yin and yang forms of yoga in your life.

Here's a preview of what's inside…
How Yin Yoga came into existenceWhy it's essential for your yoga practiceUsing both yin and yang yoga to become more balancedWhy Yin Yoga is not Restorative YogaHow Yin Yoga targets your meridian lines and internal organsIn-depth explanation of yin and yangPhysical, mental and energetic benefits of practicing Yin YogaThe 3 Essential Principles of Yin YogaThe 25 best Yin Yoga Poses to get balanced--Fast!A variety of Yin Yoga Flows to keep you satisfiedHow to create your own Yin Yoga sequencePlus, so much more!
If you're ready to delve deeper into what it means to be a yogi and harness a connection with your mind and body that you've never experienced before, then it's time to give Yin Yoga a try!

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