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Chris wants to get a special present for his girlfriend - a sexy, lacy teddy - but he's broke. His decision to try and shoplift it turns out to be a bad one as he's caught and subjected to a humiliating lesson by the manager of the lingerie store.

He's paraded nude through the store where lots of gorgeous women find his tiny penis hilarious, give him a public spanking and take plenty of photos to share with their female friends. Excruciating CFNM SPH BDSM Femdom fun!

An excerpt from the story:
“Sir, I'll need you to remove your shoes and socks.” Chris took them off and Tamara examined them carefully. “Now I'll need you to remove your shirt please. Actually, why don't you go ahead and remove all your clothing.”
“What?” Chris was shocked.
“Yes, every stitch off, Chris,” chimed in Claudine. “If you're foolish enough to attempt to shoplift here you can expect to be strip searched.”
Chris was very embarrassed. His face was bright red.
“Couldn't I have a little more privacy?” He looked sheepishly at Margaret who was studying him.
“Certainly not,” said Claudine with authority. “You gave up your right to privacy when you attempted to steal. Everything off. And be quick.”
Chris' hands were shaking as he unbuttoned his shirt. He slipped it off and then pulled his t-shirt over his head. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them awkwardly off. Now he was standing there in his boxers. The bulge in front was comically large. The ladies restrained their giggles, somewhat unsuccessfully.
“Come now. Everything.” Claudine snapped her fingers
Chris, his arms shaking quite a bit from nervousness now, reluctantly pulled the boxers down to his ankles. The sexy teddy fell to the floor.
He looked down at the teddy, then at his own little penis which was only a shrunken nub.
Why is it so damn cold in here, he thought.
He looked up at the ladies, each one watching him and grinning: Claudine, Tamara, Margaret and young sales girl Susan. They all stared in disbelief at his tiny member.
Then they burst into laughter simultaneously.
“Oh, dear. Oh, my,” said Margaret.
Susan seemed sympathetic. “I always feel kinda sorry for guys that are that small.”
“Well,” added Tamara, “I don't.” They all laughed at her comment.
There was a knock at the door. Chris reached to pull up his shorts but Claudine forbade him.
“No. Chris you are not to cover up at any time. You must accept the consequences of you actions.”
Susan opened the door to find very youthful shopper Sabrina. “I'm sorry,” said Sabrina. “I just had a question about...”  She caught an eyeful of Chris standing there completely nude, his shorts down around his ankles. The sweat was pouring off his forehead now. Sabrina got a big grin on her face.
“Dude! You're, like, tiny!” She laughed and pointed at his little penis.
Susan laughed too and let out a sad “Ahhhh,” then led Sabrina back onto the sales floor.
“Leave the door open, please,” instructed Claudine.
“But someone might look in here and see me!” Chris protested.
“Yes,” said Claudine. “Exactly.”

Fiction e letteratura
26 marzo
Claire Reigns

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