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Previously published under Linzi Basset as: The Flame Dragon King

Welcome to the wonderful Planet of Zaurak, home to the Metallic Dragons and the story of Zaluc, their powerful King and his mate Amber.

She is a human; how can she be his mate? But Zaluc knows it doesn't help to fight the fate the Universe has decided for him.

Amber Brittle is a successful Paleontologist living a peaceful life. Enjoying her anthropological studies and all the various places this takes her. All of that changes when she finds herself naked and orgasmic in a dark cave with a man who changes everything she ever believed possible.

Suddenly her life is filled with spaceships, dragon shifters and the unknown. She's taken away from all that she knew as mate to the Dragon Shifter King.

Zaluc Yazvatski is the King of the Metallic Flame Dragons, from the planet Zaurak. Her Jasmine scent wakes him from a deep sleep in his cave under Castle Kinloch and he knows he has to make her his. In his usual dominant kingly manner, he takes what he wants and sweeps her away to his planet.

Zaluc has his hands full trying to keep his true mate safe in his own world, while trying to help her accept her new life. Especially as he keeps forgetting she is a human and doesn't know all their ways and beliefs. If he can keep her away from the other males on his planet, who craze after her scent and want her sensual body for themselves, he can mate with her and make her his Queen. When Amber finally accepts her new life on the strange planet, fate and reality intervened.

Zaluc fears the sacrifice the Universe expected from them. A sacrifice his beloved mate will have to make to save the Universe from all evil.

Will their love be strong enough to endure this test?

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Kimila Taylor

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