Zodiac Hacks

A Month-by-Month Guide to Making the Most of Your Year, Every Year.

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Upgrade your reality and overcome obstacles with Zodiac Hacks, a unique synergy of astrological wisdom with spiritual laws and archetypal energies supercharged with the starlight of the constellations and yet relatable to every aspect of your life.

Packed with practical tips and intense yet accessible spiritual guidance, this book uses the metaphor of computers-with your sun sign as your "software"-to make astrological, karmic, tarot, and archetypal concepts less intimidating to readers. Xander's style of astrology emphasizes choice over fate, encouraging readers to walk the path of their own destiny using their chart as their map.

Take a deep dive into the psychology of the zodiac signs to improve your life and understand the people in your life.

Zodiac Hacks is a guide to making the most of your year, every year by transcending the influences of the stars and planets.

Get answers to questions such as:

●    What happens to your fate when you hack the zodiac?

●    What are the patterns and gifts from each zodiac sign?

●    What makes each sign tick, and what you can do about it?

●    How can you better organize your life, overcome challenges, and reap rewards?

●    Why is free will such a double-edged sword?

In this book, I spell out the commands you'll need to execute to hack the zodiac and make sure those themes will not spoil the rendering of your reality. There are simple and extensive hacks that can be done in every month to improve the quality of life.

Throughout the course of a year, there are windows of opportunity opening and closing, coming online and going offline. Think of this book as a cosmic calender, armed with tools and information to help you connect to these opportunities so you can upgrade your reality and all areas of your life. You have what it takes to seize these moments in any moment.

This book gives you the tools you need to take control of the astrological influences in your life so that the light, ions, and carrier waves that the stars and planets radiate will be under your command.

Turn traditional astrology on its head and harness a mind-bending philosophy to achieve your dreams with Zodiac Hacks.

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