Billionaire Businessmen Biographies: 2 books in 1! (Vol. 1): Bill Gates: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success & Steve Jobs: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • ¥1,833


Learn the secrets and strategies for success from the lives, lessons, and ventures of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

If you’re looking for what makes some people become billionaires and have astonishing success in business, then these stories of two of the world’s greatest magnates will reveal the answers. Creating a product that dominates the world and transforms technology as we know it is no small feat. Yet Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, managed to disrupt the technology industry and change the way we live and communicate. Their names are among the most recognizable in the world and their legacy will live on for generations to come. It’s not easy to reach the top of your field and become a billionaire, yet through hard work and sheer determination, Jobs and Gates succeeded. The most intriguing part is they both had humble backgrounds, proving that with the right mindset and strategies, anything is possible. Perhaps you’re looking for tips on which paths you can take to set up your own business and make your fortune. Maybe you’re fascinated by the technology industry and the handful of people who have stretched the limits and changed our world entirely. Or are you looking for tried-and-tested strategies for success that you can apply in your own life? The Billionaire Businessmen Biographies draws from the successes and failures of two of the world’s most influential businessmen. It combines the lessons learned from the books Bill Gates The Life, Lessons and Rules for Success and Steve Jobs The Life, Lessons and Rules for Success to give you a comprehensive overview of the best business and life strategies to amass fortune and success. In these biographies, you will discover:

The major successes and failures that both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs encountered during their careers - and the lessons learned from them.
How they became the most influential and wealthiest men in the world and what strategies they used to get there.
Fifty inspiring quotes from Bill Gates that will make you rethink your mindset and readjust it for success.
The 15 principles for success from Bill Gates and the 10 principles for a successful life by Steve Jobs.

If you want to be inspired by some of the world’s most influential businessmen and learn from their successes and failures, then buy this audiobook now!

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