Meet Me at Rainbow Corner Meet Me at Rainbow Corner

Meet Me at Rainbow Corner

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    • ¥3,259


London, 1944. The air raid sirens are blaring, the bombers are hovering. England has been at war with Germany for four years, and there's no sign of peace coming. Dot Gallagher, newly arrived from Liverpool to offer her services as a nurse, hurries from her Red Cross hostel to the tube station to join the crowds of people taking shelter. A group of GIs have started dancing around a wind-up gramophone, and it doesn't take long for Dot to join them. As she jives along with one of the American soldiers, he tells her about Rainbow Corner, a social club in Piccadilly for US troops. There is always a demand for dance hostesses there, women who know how to jitterbug and rock'n'roll, to dance with the soldiers. Would Dot like to apply?

As Dot discovers, Rainbow Corner is like no other place, an oasis in London where, once inside, the constraints of wartime Britain disappear. There is no rationing, all luxuries are available, including a constant stream of donuts, chewing gum and cola. There are restaurants and cafes, boxing matches and movies, and, much to Dot's delight, a huge dance hall. Rather like an Embassy, Rainbow Corner is essentially a plot of America in central London.

It is there that Dot becomes firm friends with many of the other hostesses, and in particular with Lilly, who works for the Colonel.

Meet Me at Rainbow Corner follows the lives of Dot, Lilly and their friends, as they dance the nights away, fall in and out of love, and navigate the horrors of war. Lilly goes on a secret mission with her Colonel to France, and Dot becomes pregnant and returns to Liverpool. When the war is over, they are re-united, having travelled by boat to the US with countless other war brides to meet their repatriated fiancés again. Along the way, they uncover a case of inside espionage and learn the true meaning of love.

Praise for Meet Me At Rainbow Corner:

'Utterly charming and engrossing' - Joanna Lumley

'Hugely enjoyable and meticulously researched… A must for anyone who likes wartime novels with a difference' - Rosie Goodwin

'From the first to the last page, I was captivated by this brilliant novel, and simply didn't want it to end' - Jenny Ashcroft

'A beautiful book about friendship, romance and courage set against a background of war and peril. I loved it' - Sue Cleaver

'Thoroughly enjoyable! A meticulously researched and deeply evocative snapshot of the experiences of a group of feisty and determined women, who became GI Brides in World War 2' - Fiona Valpy

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