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Want To Enjoy Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes Even If You're Crazy Busy?
If you have 10 minutes a day, you have enough time to prepare these mouth watering slow cooker Paleo breakfast, main dish, side, and soup recipes! Simply put the ingredients in your slow cooker at night before bed or at the start of your day and let your slow-cooker do all the work for you - no fancy cooking skills required.

Never again will a busy lifestyle keep you from enjoying the benefits of better health, less fat, more energy, and best of all absolutely amazing food!

All recipes are gluten free, dairy free (with the exception of eggs), and legume free for anyone following the Paleo diet (or who just wants to eat healthier). Most recipes use fresh ingredients while avoiding canned and processed foods for those following a strict Paleo diet. Recipes include chicken, egg, pork, beef, turkey, and seafood options sure to please anyone's tastes.

You're only 10 minutes away from having ridiculously tasty Paleo diet meals like these cooking in your slow cooker...

• Artichoke Dill Egg Casserole
• Vanilla Oatless Oatmeal
• French Sweet Potato Toast
• Exotic Thai Chicken
• Kale Orange Chicken
• Sweet N' Sour Pork and Sweet Potato
• Pork and Pumpkin Comfort
• Pork Over Apple Celery Slaw
• Meaty Cauliflower Lasagna
• The Best Chili Ever
• Shrimp Gumbo
• Spicy Turkey Meatballs
• Sesame Ginger Baby Carrots
• Tangy Cauliflower Hummus
• Super Turkey and Spinach Soup
• And more!

Don't let a busy schedule or lack of cooking skills stop you from enjoying the health benefits of the Paleo diet. Get your copy of the 10 Minute Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook today!

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January 12
Derek Doepker

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