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In 2018, ‘77 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: The Digital Capability Model’ was published to help ‘digital practitioners’ working in the digital space. Since then, quite a few readers have suggested writing a book about digital transformation for 'the general public’ interested in learning more than basics of digital transformation. That is how the book ‘77 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation: Simply Explained’ has been created.

This book is intended to deliver the key messages of 'the 77 Building Blocks’ to the general public. It aims to help the general public understand ‘actual practices’ in the digital space. This is not a theory book that discusses the academical ideas and concepts of digital transformation, but a ‘practical’ field book that describes the proven digital capabilities as the building blocks of digital transformation. This book does however not fully cover the technical detail of the Maturity Model described in ‘77 Building Blocks of Digital transformation: The Digital Capability Model’ that aims to help digital practitioners with measuring digital maturity. Instead, this book provides examples of higher maturity indicators as an introduction to the Maturity Model. If you are looking for a deep dive into the Maturity Model, refer to ‘77 Building Blocks of Digital transformation: The Digital Capability Model’.

This book covers:

1. Digital Customer Experience Management

-Digital Customer Journey Management

-User Research

-Usability Analysis

-User Experience Designing

-User Experience Testing

2. Social Interaction

-Social Listening

-Social Media Marketing

-Social Media Servicing

-Online Community Management

-Rating & Review Management

-Content Moderation

-Social Crisis Management

3. Digital Marketing

-Digital Brand Marketing

-Search Engine Optimization

-Paid Search

-Content Targeting

-Affiliate Marketing

-Online Advertising

-Digital Campaign Management

-Lead Management

-Marketing Offer Management

-Email Marketing

-Mobile Marketing

-Marketing Automation

-Conversion Rate Optimization

4. Digital Commerce

-Online Merchandising

-Shopping Cart & Checkout

-Payments & Reconciliation

-Order Management & Fulfillment

-Account Management & Self-Service

5. Digital Channel Management

-Channel Mix & Optimization

-Cross-Business Integration

-Cross-Channel Integration

-Multi-Device Presentation

6. Knowledge & Content Management

-Knowledge Collaboration

-Knowledge Base Management

-Content Lifecycle Management

-Digital Asset Management

-Content Aggregation & Syndication

-Web Content Management

7. Customization & Personalization

-Customer Preference Management

-Customer Communication Management

-Social Behaviour Management

-Interaction Tracking & Management

-Customer Loyalty Management

-Digital Customer Services

8. Digital Intelligence

-Product Similarity Analytics

-Customer Insights

-Customer Segmentation

-Conversion Analytics

-Digital Marketing Effectiveness

-Big Data Analytics

-Web Analytics

-Reporting & Dashboard

9. Digital Data Management

-Non-relational Data Management

-Distributed Data Store Management

-Enterprise Search

-Master Data Management

-Data Quality Management

-Digital Data Policy Management

10. Digital Infrastructure Management

-On-Demand Provisioning

-User Interaction Services

-Process Integration Services

-Parallel Processing Services

-Federated Access Management

-Digital Continuity Management

11. Digital Alignment

-Digital Innovation

-Digital Planning

-Digital Governance

-Cross-Boundary Collaboration

-Digital Journey Readiness

12. Digital Development & Operations

-Digital Program & Project Management

-Digital Design Authority

-Digital Capability Development

-Digital Capability Introduction

-Digital Service Operations

-Digital Quality Management

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