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They are the military elite, the Special Forces trained to carry out the toughest operations in the most hostile environments around the world. Eric Meyer, the bestselling author of Black-Ops fiction, has put together seven of his top full-length novels to make a thrilling Spec-Ops BOX SET collection. The set contains the full text of seven full-length Eric Meyer novels. That’s right, seven great books! Buy the set today and read this unmissable ACTION PACK collection from start to finish:

Echo Six: Black Ops - Assault on Iran
A raid on a drug trafficker’s factory uncovers a secret that sends a chill through the heart of NATO. An Iranian cleric, captured in the raid, tells of a conspiracy at the heart of the Ahmadinejad’s Iranian government. A terrorist group, part of the Revolutionary Guard is on a mission to acquire nuclear warheads. Weapons which will enable them to launch a conflict that would threaten the peace and security of the world, and trigger Armageddon.

SEAL Team Bravo: Black Ops - Cartel Nightmare
The death of DEA agent in a squalid Mexican town forces the world’s most elite fighting force to act. This time, the brutal and callous drug traffickers who haunt the dark underbelly of Ciudad Juarez have gone too far. For the dead agent was the nephew of US Marine Corps Major General Hicks. With links to the SEALs, he insists on nothing but the best to avenge his nephew. They authorize a mission to hunt down and destroy the drug cartel, led by Chief Kyle Nolan. Yet the Mexican end of the operation is only the first part of the mission.

Devil's Guard Vietnam
Following the myths and legends about Nazis recruited by the French Foreign Legion to fight in Indochina, this is the story of one former Waffen-SS trooper who emerged from the hell of a defeated Nazi Germany. Only to partake in the death and destruction of the French war in Indochina. Following the defeat, a new country is born, and a new nation offers them aid. The country is Vietnam, and the nation is America.

Raider Black Ops: The Russia Strike
Russia - An almost lawless country ruled by the FSB, dread successor to the KGB. The country lives in terror of the Pamyat, fanatical Russian Nationalists who have formed a criminal gang. An organization which will commit any crime, murder any civilian, and even commit genocide, to further their cause. When a package of sensitive information disappears in a well-organized robbery in Manhattan, the trail leads to a Russian hellhole no sane person would wish to visit.

The Hunter Killers: Egyptian Dawn
Liam Schaeffer is the former leader of the 'Hunter Killers', a group of elite combat veterans turned mercenaries. The unit was disbanded after a series of brutal incidents in Afghanistan. Shortly after returning to the US, he gets an urgent call for help from a former member of his unit. He races to help, but he finds the man is already dead. Murdered. And for Schaeffer, the real trouble is about to begin.

Black Ops Heroes of Afghanistan: Vengeance
Rafe Stoner, a former Navy SEAL, leads a cruel existence as a gun for hire in Afghanistan. After the brutal killing of his fiancée he vowed a brutal revenge. A revenge that littered the landscape with the bodies of those responsible. Now he learns his work is not over.

Devil's Battalion II: Hitler's Treasure
More of Max Roth’s bloody adventures in the Sonderbattalion Kurz, the cut-throat, brutal SS partisan hunters and looters. This time it is the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler who insists on the theft of a Christian relic, believed to have been touched by Jesus Christ himself. Hitler believes that the relic will aid him in his struggle against the atheist communists of Stalin’s Russia. Roth’s platoon is ordered back into action behind enemy lines.

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