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Medical Medium Anthony William released his fourth groundbreaking book revealing the truth about the power of the liver, the myriad mystery illnesses it could be causing, and how to finally heal.

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Synopsis of the original book
Key takeaways from each section
The true liver functions even doctors don't know about
Why 9 out of 10 people suffer from sluggish liver
A guide to the many ailments poor liver function can create in the body
A guide to liver-healing foods and supplements
A short overview of the Liver Rescue diet
Editorial Review
Background on Anthony William

About the Original Book:

In Medical Medium Liver Rescue, Anthony William provides an in-depth look at the true power of the liver and its many functions that modern medicine is still unaware of. He describes in detail the science behind "sluggish liver" and how our neglect of our livers leads to many mystery illnesses. William provides detailed guides to the best foods you can feed your liver and discusses how the latest fad diets have gotten it all wrong. If you suffer from skin conditions, digestive issues, or a host of auto-immune disorders, Medical Medium Liver Rescue could be the difference in returning your liver to health and getting your life back.

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November 6
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