Swollen in a Good Way: a 3-Story Collection of Pregnancy Erotica

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Publisher Description

This bundle of pregnancy erotica contains three stories about horny housewives who refuse to let a baby bump slow down their desire for hot sex.

"Pregnant Sex" is about a woman who is afraid that her husband won't find her sexy now that she is pregnant. It turns out that she turns him on more than he thinks.

"Pregnant MILF on the Prowl" tells the story of a neglected housewife who turns to seducing her stepson's friends to find satisfaction. She finds that it is easier to have steamy hot sex with some of them than others, but that even the challenging encounters are fun!

"Kinky Cravings" is about a woman who swears that her husband is about to be unfaithful to her now that she has become pregnant. She hatches a plan to show him that she is the woman of his fantasies, and more. Only she ends up enjoying the challenge of trying out new kinks much more than she ever thought possible!

This 18,000+ word bundle of erotic fiction features scenes of pregnant female-on-male oral sex; male-on-pregnant female oral sex; straight sex; lactation and suckling; anal sex, prostate “milking;" dominance and submission; rough sex; forced ejaculation and come play; CFNM (clothed female, naked male) scenarios; a first-time interracial threesome with oral sex, anal sex, straight intercourse, and double-penetration; and erotic celebration of the pregnant female body. It is intended for mature audiences only.


“Now, now!” she scolded him, “as I said, I’m sure your girlfriend is a nice, sweet girl. It’s not her fault if she can’t compete with what I have to offer!” Melissa smiled softly. “Why don’t you come closer? I’m going to show you how to please a woman with your mouth. You can do this for your girlfriend some time. It would be the perfect way to make it up to her for all the dirty, naughty things that we are about to do…and never tell her about!”

Now Charles was smiling, too. He approached the desk and kneeled so that he was at eye level with Melissa’s honeypot. He had never seen this part of a woman’s anatomy close up before. He took his index fingers and traced the outline of her thick, engorged lips. When he touched her, she made a deep “aaah” sound.

“OK, that’s a good start. Now, I need you to pretend that it’s your girlfriend’s mouth. Try giving it a kiss.” Melissa suggested.

Charles pursed his lips and brought them into momentary contact with Melissa’s swollen ****.

“That feels good. Now I want you to pretend that it’s your girlfriend mouth, only you haven’t seen her for a couple of weeks.”

Charles gave a soft laugh as he bowed his head and gave her a second, sloppier kiss. He ran his tongue up and down her ****, and sucked her delicate ***** until a thin trail of wetness leaked from the bottom of her glistening ****.

“Ahhhh. That’s almost too good.” Melissa looked up at Charles, completely flushed. She smiled and said, “I think I’m ready to get ****ed.”

Fiction & Literature
21 June
Regina Alyx

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