When Ryan Met Sara

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“Breathless Beauty doesn’t build confidence. You use our products because you’re already confident. Exuding that confidence is important when you talk about our products. You’re not just here to sell but foster relationships.”

She stopped, thinking about what she just said and how contradictory it was to why she was really there. This wasn’t the time for an identity crisis she thought. What identity? Everything about her was a lie. Why couldn’t she just finish what she had planned to say? She didn’t want this anymore.

Celeste pointed to a woman in the back texting on her phone, “What products are you most interested in?”

“I use the foundation and blush for contouring. These lights are not the most flattering.”

Celeste didn’t say anything. She remembered what Summerhill said in the restaurant about lying to yourself. She was going to talk about credibility and loyalty next. But who was she to talk about either of them at that moment. Mary looked at her concerned.

“How many of you are makeup artists?” Celeste asked.

They all raised their hands.

“And you have woman that depend on you for your expertise? That loyalty is important. Your reputation is important. How can you remain both authentic and sincere with such fierce competition? And so much false advertising has made people increasingly skeptical of all things…”

The command over the audience brought the passion out of her.

“… and with social media now-a-days anyone can say anything about anyone regardless of the truth and it will spread before you even know it. So much senseless hate. That is why it is important that you stick together! You’re not what others try to make you believe is beautiful! You’re already beautiful!”

They were inspired but not exactly sure where she was going with the speech.

“Real woman leading the way of the future. It’s a war out there and it’s only getting more vicious and unforgiving! It’s just as easy to hire someone to kill their competitor than lose a little market share!”

The women stared at her uncomfortably."

#Screwball #farce #quirky #datenight #newadult #darkcomedy #crimefiction #action #formulaic

(Contains: Adult situations, Language, Violence, suggestive themes)

This is a work of fiction, the product of the author’s imagination used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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22 November
Matthew David Carroll

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