The Lost Crown of the Knights Templar: Order of the Black Sun, Book 19 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 15,99 €

Publisher Description

While on assignment in England, investigative journalist Sam Cleave helps to avoid a woman being stoned to death in a Muslim residential area, leading to the killing of the men who stoned her. Rescuing the woman, he had no idea what kind of world he had just invaded. Thinking nothing of it, Sam returns to Scotland. 

Only when the bodies of the men are taken to the local morgue, do the medical examiners realize that the corpses are part of a sect that all share the same sigil tattooed on them. Out of curiosity, they elicit the services of historian Dr. Nina Gould. What Nina discovers about the bodies is mysterious and ancient, but as she calls her local Catholic priest, Father Harper, she is kidnapped by a violent gang of criminals affiliated with the dead men. 

While billionaire playboy, David Purdue, attends the Bilderberg Conference, he is approached by a beautiful woman who hires him to help her locate an ancient heirloom, a crown once hidden on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. 

Sam soon gets a message from the men who have Nina, and by some coincidental chain of events, realizes that Nina’s inadvertent investigation at the morgue had plummeted her headlong into the underworld of legend. Nina’s kidnappers are looking for the very thing Purdue is trying to locate for the mysterious beauty by his side.

When Sam finally gets Purdue to help him find Nina, along with Father Harper, they uncover the horrific truths hidden in the myths of the Templar Knights and their idol, Baphomet, a demonic goat-headed statue. 

Will they retrieve the lost Crown of the Knights Templar before Nina is executed by her captors? Or are they part of some sinister snare by the Order of the Black Sun, set to eliminate Purdue and his friends from the stage…permanently?

Crime & Thrillers
Jonathan Waters
hr min
31 July
Kemah Bay Marketing