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Justin Goode gambles too much and is sliding into debt faster than he cares to admit.

            When he and his new friend, Tony Chin, embark on a scheme to make themselves some serious money, events unfold far differently to the way they had hoped.

As his world is turned upside down, Justin discovers a sinister threat is hanging over him and those he cares about.

            In an effort to clear his name and get out of danger, he agrees to travel to the Mediterranean to seek out a wealthy businessman and gain his trust.

As the plan progresses and the men get to know one another, Justin begins to relax and his thoughts turn to the approaching journey home. But with the arrival of Tony Chin comes the discovery of a dark secret, casting a worrying shadow over both Justin and Tony.

            With no option but to keep their silence, the pair hope they can survive until their affairs are completed and they can get out of harm’s way.

            But, unfortunately for them, their host is a lot more aware of what is going on than either could imagine and has his own reasons for playing their game.

When the time comes for Justin to leave, he takes with him something which his host would never be prepared to part with and events quickly take a very dark turn.  Within hours he is alone and scared in an unfamiliar city and in desperation, turns to the man he now fears the most.

He cannot help but wonder if this decision will be his last.

Fiction & Literature
July 23
Chris Kennedy

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