Almost Amy

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"Whoa, what's that smell?!?"

I just gestured toward the mercenary "agents" who had kidnapped me. "They have some problems with their digestion."

Bound and gagged, the agents in question had very miserable expressions. Sitting on the floor, tied together, the visible pools of filth beneath each agent were spreading wider.

My three friends who came to "rescue" me were chuckling out loud at my handiwork.

That wasn't intended to make the agents feel better.

I explained further, "They weren't being nice or polite, so I took your advice and used my natural talents."

But I hope those agents and their friends got the message this time and left me alone for good.

After all, I could have set them on fire while I was at it – but I only wanted them to learn from their mistakes, not be hurt by them...


When I first sensed her coming up the road, I knew there was something different about her.

Shifters like me can use our canine senses to hear and smell much further than we can make out by vision. And there are other "senses" that human forms can't utilize – and are hard to explain I human terms. So you're going to have to trust me – there was something very different about this girl.

Something very right, very needed.

She was Amish-dressed. Long black dress, plain and with long sleeves. She was wearing her long brunette hair down, no bonnet or covering. And the breeze was keeping her cool, making her long wavy hair seem to caress her back and shoulders. And barefoot. Like me.

That same breeze was somehow turning around to bring me her scent. And it was more than just soap and human scent that came back. Again, it's hard to describe – but her scent brought her character to me.

And I liked what I was smelling. Honesty. Open-ness. Care for all living things. A connection to the elements – and that was very strange for humans, who were normally so closed off. Arrogance, is how my human Joe used to describe them.

She was a jewel in the rough. She was only using the breeze to keep her cool, when she could literally use it to fly from place to place. Or simply shift there.

So this was another for Joe to train and mentor, was my understanding.

That means Joe will be happy to see her. Like he was showing with all the others.

And my tail wagged at that thought, my face "smiling".

I was just sitting under that big oak tree by our home. Waiting. Comfortable. Letting moments flow into their next passage...

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Fiction & Literature
10 December
Living Sensical Press

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