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Back from the Grave contains three short stories of the old west.
Back from the Grave: When Rube read the letter from his brother he knew that something was not right. So he did what big brothers do...he rode to check it out only to be shot for his troubles. Wounded and on the run he ran until a stubborn woman and her son took him in to the protection of their home.
He wanted to leave before he brought trouble down on her and her boy, but she would hear nothing of it, so when the trouble came she stood up in the face of it. Standing together in the face of trouble led her to something much deeper, and forced him to face his past.
Now he had to put other lives and the life of his brother ahead of his own and that left him fighting to come back from the grave.

The Easy Keeper: Lee Walker’s dream was to visit Australia and when he saw that a horserace would give him the money to fulfill that dream…he entered. Big Easy was a Morgan Horse who didn’t like any horse to out run him. He had more heart and stamina than any horse in the country and Lee put all his faith in the hands of a young girl.
Her older sister was against it but Lee had a plan…a plan that would take him on his trip to Australia. She was not the only one against him, he was now listed as likely to come in last on the tote board, which was the way he wanted it. Beating a horse that has never been beaten did not worry him, but the safety of his rider did. She was young and inexperienced to racing but she could ride like the wind and he knew Big Easy liked her.

The High Bar Three: His father loved the High Bar Three Ranch but the loss of his three sons to the war was more than he could bear so when he died the High Bar Three went to new owners. All three sons did not die and when Jim Highland returned to find his family ranch in the hands of another he was determined to get it back.
He was not the only one who came back to the same thing and it needed some investigation. Conditions after the war left the door open for corrupt officials and the Cooksons walked through that door. With the help of his best friend and his sister he set a plan in motion that would lead to a final showdown.

Fiction & Literature
27 September
Robert O' Hanlin

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