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An Eclipse. A Robbery. Three women with supernatural power. Not your typical day in London.

When the mystical aligns with the mundane, fear transforms to courage, samurai swords become your weapons of choice and darkness the new enemy. For Yvonne ‘Y’ Sinclair, Susan ‘Suzy Wong' Young and Ramona ‘Cleopatra’ Jones, a setback turns into a setup as destiny’s hand transforms their triumvirate into modern day Charlie’s Angels, gifted with the power of Watunza Mwanga; The Guardians of the Light.

This action-packed, fantasy narrative is about letting go. These three women have to relinquish how they view their existence and their knowledge of good versus evil. Even a catastrophe in the form Yvonne’s ex stealing the seed money for their business venture, Bad II to the Bone, has significance. Their dream of a multi-tiered beauty, hair, fashion and fitness salon embodied their hopes for independence. But thanks to Tyrone - Yvonne’s treacherous ex, the women soon learn of a gift that will enable them to truly leave their mark on the world.

They let go of a reality that was never really meant for them. Normal is three sisters living ordinary lives. Extraordinary calls for fearless fighters who wield ancient weapons and bad ass martial arts skills to save the corner of the world they have been entrusted to protect.

They channel their mystical gifts into being bodyguards and cross paths with Spokes - a successful London club promoter who is the unwitting catalyst for supernatural murder and mayhem.

Enoch Lacombe aka Darkman, a Jamaican necromancer, was settling old scores with a power that was ancient and terrible in an orgy of bloodshed. Spokes has something he wants and he is cutting a bloody swath through London’s criminal underworld to get to him.

As Darkman unleashes hell on earth, Bad II the Bone with the aid of Detective Winston Shaft McFarlane, must face their greatest fears to stop him.

Through Anton Marks’ descriptive writing style, this supernatural action thriller compels readers to think about the enormous responsibility of talent and how it impacts their world.

Independence, the supernatural and the feminine mystique intersect as the three main characters transform the power of three into a force to be reckoned with.
Are you bad enough to handle this action-packed narrative? Don’t keep the Guardians of the Light waiting. They need you.

Beauty is only skin deep but evil is Bad II the Bone

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
11 September
Anton Marks

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