BOFFO BUTTERPHANT: Small Creature Adventures

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Publisher Description

Magical Flying Butterphant Takes Young Friend on a Special Insect Circus Adventure
Have you ever wished to know the world of small creatures? In “BOFFO BUTTERPHANT – Small Creature Adventures,” magical Boffo, with an elephant body and wings of a butterfly, makes it possible.

Lindy pines for her missed chance to go to the circus. She stares out the window and watches as Boffo emerges out of the ordinary cocoon of a butterfly. She is delighted when the butterphant offers to take her on a special outing. In “Part One, Lindy’s Adventure,” Lindy gets to go to the Hexapod Parade, an extraordinary insect circus. Of course, it takes a little adjustment to shrink her to the right size, but Boffo comes equipped with all that is necessary. Hilda Hawk makes an unexpected appearance at the circus and takes a liking to Lindy. She is just right for Hilda’s babies in so many ways. In “Part Two – Solomon’s Story,” Boffo returns to learn that Lindy is all grown up. However, he finds her son, Solomon, alone and bored. This time, Boffo offers a getaway into the world of small animals. Solomon is more than happy to accept the birthday party invitation originally intended for his mother. Grandpa intercepts them after Boffo shrinks Solomon down to size. There’s only one thing to do … bring him along. Good thing, too, because Scat the Cat is after Woody Wood Rat. Grandpa, Solomon, and Boffo must help Toadle the Toad, Chippy Chipmunk, and Sarah Bushy Tail to save Woody from the monster feline.

In these stories, Boffo reveals the twenty-one letter word necessary to shrink someone to insect size and a second, twenty-one letter word for restoring the person. Readers can try them out for themselves. The words are not likely to work without Boffo’s magic, but readers should be careful.
“BOFFO BUTTERPHANT – Small Creature Adventures,” has 9,000 words, 60 pages, and illustrations of Boffo, Lindy and Solomon. It is available in both paperback ($6.99) and for Kindle ($3.99) at (Search on “Allen Pollens.”)
This is author Allen Pollens’ second children’s publication and seventh book published in less than two years. Retired from careers in software/hardware design, and high tech sales and marketing, Pollens has been telling stories his whole life. The stories he wrote for his children and grandchildren are the basis for three books, “Starfish Chronicles,” “Superhero,” and “BOFFO BUTTERPHANT.” Pollens also published three science fiction/fantasy volumes, “Creator,” “Alternative Lives,” and “Conjuror.” He turned his daily European vacation journal into “Al’s London and Dublin Holiday,” published in full color, with 90 photos. All are available at in paperback and for Kindle. (Search on “Allen Pollens”)

For more about “BOFFO BUTTERPHANT,” or Al’s other books, contact Allen Pollens at 503-407-2850 (cell).

13 February
Allen Pollens

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