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Cherokee Tale

One of the Cherokee clan mothers contacts an archeologist—who has an excellent academic reputation and capabilities based on her unique DNA—to let her know where to find a domed city more twelve thousand year old that will prove the Cherokee people came from Cappadocia. And prevent repeating the mistakes of the past that destroyed it.

We've often been told history gets to be written by the winners.  But the thing is we can only actually read what was written from around four thousand years ago.  The other scripts—if they are scripts—haven't been deciphered.

American Indian history makes for a curious read.  Do we really know when the American continent was peopled?  Or how those people arrived?  DNA shows some American Indians might have been in North America for as long as forty thousand years.   Current wisdom states those people arrived by crossing the frozen land bridge.  Keep in mind that is a theory, not a fact.

There were many different Indian tribes with varying mythology.  Most myths have some basis of truth in them.  Did we come from another planet?  Or were there civilizations on this planet thousands of years ago?

The matrilineal Cherokees were not all wiped out during their march along the "Trail of Tears".  There is another East Coast branch that survived by becoming citizens of the state.

Other than the speculative fantasy elements, "Cherokee Tale" is factual history, seasoned with the author's own family lore, which tells an alternative history that could be.

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August 11
May Sinclair PhD

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