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When the paths of the beautiful French heiress, the 'Mistress of Carcassonne' and the neurotic genius and Hollywood movie writer-producer Xob S'ardnap, cross, they soon find themselves deep in a mystery. And in love. But what of Akhenaton, and the Priests at On? What of their vision of a utopian society? What of the many thousand year conspiracy of 'The Knights of Aton'? Soon all will be revealed 
In the final days of the reign of Amenhotep IV Moses leaves with a treasure, leading the Egyptian Generals on a mad dash to recover it. Little do they realise this was a mere diversion. For the true treasure was just then being secreted out of 'The City of The Sun'. What is the difference between madness and genius? Why do so many geniuses end up isolated, lonely, even locked up in mental asylums? Who is Kim Jestem, the man who is 'legally no-one'? Who is Xob S'arodnap? What role could they possibly have to play in a mystery that spans thousands of years. In a secret order beginning with The Priests at On, and continuing with the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, self-named Akhenaton, who married his sister Nefertiti, and built his 'City of the Sun' at On, only to find himself the victim of the Priesthood he had disenfranchised of wealth and power, dying by his own hand as his wonderful city was being destroyed around him. But not before he had ensured the safety of the greatest treasure ever known to humanity. And not before leaving behind a set of clues to a puzzle that only an enlightened one, with a heart of purest gold, would ever be able to solve. A mystery that spans the continents, involving leading historical figures from The Knights Templar, to the 'Man of Steel' himself, Stalin. Who will win the mad race to realise their New World Orders, the Zionists, or the Knights of Aton? What possible role could the beautiful young heiress Clarissa Sophia, the 'Mistress of Carcassonne' play in all of this? And what of agent ZZ and Sophie, with their Hollywood A-team? What role will they play in the machinations of A-group, who feel pushed to realise the plans of The Priests At On, either now or never? Thousands of years of work could amount to nothing, if Xob S'ardonap is not willing to take the heavy burden upon himself. Each one of us owes the world a life. He is ready to give his. But to take the responsibility for billions of lives? What does it take to accept that responsibility, now that he has the response-ability. 

Crime & Thrillers
September 15
Sound Foundations

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