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Wait! You didn't die? Dark Souls II guide includes a complete walkthrough for the storyline mode and an exact presentation of all the boss fights.
In this guide to Dark Souls II, you will find all of the most important information concerning the game, thanks to which you will be able to deal with the dangers that await you. Among others, you will learn how to fight the individual opponents, how to develop your character, where o find the best items and what to do in critical situations. This guide consists of three vast parts, whose aim is to make it easier, for the player, to find the required contents. The first part provides 10 easy-to-follow steps that discuss the most important matters in Dark Souls II. Thanks to them, in an easy and problem-free way, you will learn how to survive in the brutal world created by From Software. You will learn the rules that govern combat, how to develop your character and also, you will find information on important merchants. The second part of the guide presents detailed information on all of the elements of the game, e.g. the hero, combat, items collectibles, merchants or the spells available in the game. Also, you will find there a detailed walkthrough, along with hints on how to fight bosses and the more difficult enemies. In the third part of the guide, you can find special video clips that present the means of reaching and defeating all of the 25 bosses in the game. In a situation, in which you are dealing with one of the most frustrating and relentless action cRPGs of the recent years, a guide for its next instalment should come in handy.

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23 June

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