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INTRODUCTIONWhat is a personal network and how does it help me in my personal performance?How can I develop one effectively?What kind of people do I need to include in my network?What characteristics do I need to run a network?Are there any plans that help me achieve the goals I have in mind?WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?This text points out the importance of personal networks to achieve a successful professional career, as well as the characteristics they must have: loyalty and generosity among members, thinking about helping members rather than oneself and having some "superconnector" members. For their part, the networker must be a sociable and patient person, they must have a personal brand with a unique message to accompany that brand.In addition, given that the ultimate goal is to have a successful career, we touch on the goals and the reasons why we establish them. Following this theme, the author proposes a Network Action Plan, which will help us to follow a series of activities that will help us achieve the objectives we want.In the same way, it is emphasized that individuals should not forget their passion, but rather we should find a way to combine them with our activities to achieve a professional career with which we are satisfied.ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOOKThe main theme of this book is the importance of personal networks on the road to success. Throughout this text, you will find suggestions that will help you develop your network.In addition, the author will propose the structure of a plan that allows us to work intelligently to meet our objectives.Finally, the necessary elements will be established so that each individual develops their own personal brand.ABOUT KEITH FERRAZZI: THE AUTHOR OF THE ORIGINAL BOOKFrom humble origins, Keith Ferrazzi began his professional life by applying the principles he shares in this book: creating a social network that would allow him to help other people. This process allowed him to develop and master the tools to develop this typ

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