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FLIGHT OF THE SETTING SUN, The Life And Adventures Of Captain Jake Martin - An action adventure and love story. It is historical fiction in biography form, a period story set in four decades beginning in the mid 1920s. The story follows the son of a wealthy oilman. Jake Martin was born on a large North Texas ranch in 1912.
When he is eleven years old, Jake gets his first ride in an airplane with a barnstormer and flying will become a part of his life. He works as a Pan Am China Clipper pilot in the 1930s and becomes an aviation industrialist during and after WW II. He was a man given a passion for flight when he was very young and lives the life dealt him as a result of that passion.
Jake's life adventure takes him from Dallas to New York, San Francisco, the Asian Pacific and wartime London. He founds an aviation empire while working his way through a failed marriage, brief romances and the raising of three children in the decades when air transportation is still coming of age. The story ends in 1982. It is a story about choices, the choices that each of us makes in our lives that define who we are and what we become.
“Flight of the Setting Sun” is a fictional story based on historical events. References to famous persons and events in the story are intended only to represent the stereotypical characteristics of those persons and occasions, which may or may not be accurately portrayed.

Fiction & Literature
December 30
Marvin Arnold