Golf: 10 Strokes Less

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Why do we keep on noting strokes on our scorecard we wish we hadn’t? Why do we not perform like we can but rather worse?
We all know them well: Situations to avoid in golf, circumstances we have to deal with. They all affect our game. Until now.
Start activating your potential. Encounter how to play golf on your personal highest level possible. Get to know a scientifically proven method to enhance your game.
Would you not do almost everything to score better in golf or to have fun (again)? Well, then this is your book. Almost instantly will you be able to perform better. Not, because you will improve your technique – this would take time and a golf professional; With the help of this book you will eliminate many of your bad shots in every round of golf.
This book teaches the method of energy psychology. Different from mental techniques who are about positive conditioning, this scientifically proven method works beyond, by making use of our unconsciousness. The method works even when we do not believe in it. Its efficiency is the highest known to science so far to increase performance in sports and can be applied by everyone within minutes everywhere, even during a round of golf on the golf course.
Eliminate mishits and bad shots. Stay relaxed in every situation, no matter how stressful it might appear to be. Get more self-conscious of your game and experience more fun than ever before.
This book is for golfers who are facing the following challenges:
- Fear – of the 1st TEE, of specific shots, of losing, of failing, of playing badly or of making a fool of our-selves
- Pain – due to blisters, sprains, strains, artificial joint replacements, surgery, lack of mobility, or due to diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as Osteoarthritis, arthritis or impingement syndrome
- Discomfort – due to spectators, flight partners, inappropriate weather, distractions of any kind, bad on course conditions or noise
- Lack of concentration – caused by stress, anger, self-doubt or other negative emotions
- Lack of motivation – missing fun playing golf, being frustrated, feeling of resignation, giving up the hope of ever getting better
This book is about making more out of your game.

Sports & Outdoors
16 June

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