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How can small changes...
in your sales letters, emails and webpages put your visitors and readers into hypnotic trances so they whip out their credit cards and buy like piranhas on a feeding frenzy?

How can these hypnotic trances...
allow them to put their "iron wall sales guard" down and actually read what you are saying?

How can you then use this moment...
...to make more people buy your product, sign up to your newsletter and click through in your emails -- in essence get more people to take action now?

Hypnotic Selling Secrets, a straightforward book on the basic principles of persuasive writing for the purpose of selling, was written by Joe Vitale, a first-rate copywriter who fell into the business because he wanted to share his excitement for products that he loved. Here, he will show you that this is what marketing really is.

Forget all about copywriting, forget all about marketing. Start sharing your excitement for your mission, share what you're excited about. Why are you excited about it? Who is it for? Share with that target audience, your enthusiasm, that's when the sales take place. Others will say that it was smart marketing, but you'll know, you were just sharing something you love, sharing your real excitement in your own natural voice. People are going to buy that.

You will learn: To strip away everything you’ve learned about grammar and punctuation which stop natural communication and creativity. Vitale’s 21 point checklist for reviewing copy How to involve your customers emotionally The best marketing documents to have out there before you call your customer How to make your ads stand out without resorting to “cute” How to make your words work for you… direct, benefit-oriented and as simple as possible The 26 reasons why people buy

Business & Personal Finance
24 May
G&D Media

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