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Jack has succeeded, in his Mission Into The Wilderness, to bring the message of the Great Cat, the Mother of all cats, to the Free Cats of the Northern Hills. He now returns to The Great Manor to find his Grandfather, Lord Wallingford, on his deathbed. Lord Wallingford makes his Testament.

Oh Jack, I am so happy that you have done so much to bring Her message to the Free Cats of the Hills. But but oh Jack! There are so many forlorn cats out therethere, beyond our Shires of the Cats. Cats who are doomed to lives of pettage or worse. Benighted cats! Cats bereft of knowledge of the Great Cat. Oh, how I now wish that I had done more while I was able. Lord Wallingford fell back, exhausted by the growing excitement and remorse that he had given voice to.

A resolve had begun to fill Jacks heart. Grandfather. I shall take your vision as my own! I swear to you that I shall make it my goal to bring the message of the Great Cat to all cats, wherever they may dwell and in whatsoever condition they may live!

And thus begins his next undertaking, recounted here in Jack Of The Shadowed Eye. Aiding him will be his friends and companions, new and old. Opposing him will be. Well, read on and see.

Still a cat of commanding presence, Jack is older andhe hopeswiser. He will need all of the skill and good fortune that he can muster to his cause if he is to succeed. He must do no less than win the support of his Most Gracious Sovereign, Her Majesty the Queen, if he is to fulfill his Grandfathers Testament.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
31 January