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In a world where history has been rewritten by the emergence of magic, and where magic reigns as the ultimate means to wealth and power, Alexandra Blair discovered at a young age that she possesses the rare ability to dream-walk. With proper training, Alex would become one of the very few dream walkers, or magic practitioners who could willfully enter the Collective Subconscious made of the dreams and beliefs of all human kind and extract from it all that she may need to solve a limitless array of problems.
Yet Alex had run away from her magic training due to the strains of puberty and her own inability to separate reality from dreams, a key element to her source of power. Now, at twenty-five years of age, she could no longer deny the magic that grew within her and propels her toward the dream world. She had to learn to control it lest she loses herself in the Collective Subconscious: the dream world that acts as the cushion between the “real”, or human, world and the Netherworld of the preternaturals, those supernatural beings of magical and other realms. Alex turned to the one man who could teach her – Lion Leader, her adoptive father, the leader of united Native American tribes, and a dream walker as well as renowned healer.
Except Alex needed Lion Leader for more than magic training. Her father – Lion Leader’s best friend – had suddenly vanished in the middle of a routine business trip, leaving no clues as to how, or why. Finding evidence that pointed to foul play, Alex and Lion Leader embarked on a quest to find and rescue her father. Along the way, Alex gained the training she much needed by way of trial and fire, as her dream-walking abilities became instrumental to their quest. Moreover, the search for her father also revealed a larger nefarious plot by a magically powerful religious sect seeking to bring their god to rule the human world. With the help of her friends and various members of Native tribes, Alex and Lion Leader pooled their magic to pull off the biggest feat of all – an attempt to save the world.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
20 December
T.N. Bui